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Project Description

The Ford Escort RS 2000 was one of many models Ford homologated for racing and rallying. Our 1976 model is a personal import and has had an extensive nut and bolt restoration, completed in Scotland where it was purchased new.

The Ford Escort is Fords most successful competition vehicle worldwide and remains one of the most popular cars for competition and is the only car that is 50 years old with new bodyshells available.

Australian RS 2000’s were first sold to the general public in 1979 to bolster sales of the current 2-litre flat nose Escort but in 1976, Ford imported 25 of the German model RS 2000’s for local racing and rallying, based on the Euro-spec RS 2000 custom.

Notably, the cars were class winners at Bathurst and won many national rallies here in Australia.

The German cars had more performance features than the standard cars sold in Australia, with an alloy sump, RS exhaust manifold, and trailing arm links on the rear axle, improving handling. Fitted with high-performance Scheel seats, they also featured elements of the Escort Ghia interior. They were so focused on weight this model did not have a radio.

Ford also produced an add on parts list so you could go racing and rallying with all you needed for performance and safety.

These cars are now ultra-rare in Australia and less than 15 of the original cars that were imported survive. We do not know of any other German RS 2000’s that have been imported other than the original 25 by Ford.

Many privateer crews drove RS 2000’s in local rallies with the flat front as it was easier to mount driving lights needed for forestry stages at night.

These cars also have an exotic relative – The RS 1800, which was fitted with a Cosworth twin Cam BDA engine. These were never imported to Australia and now fetch up to 250,000 pounds.

Our model is believed to be one of the very best in the Southern hemisphere and there is such strong interest in performance Escorts.