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Project Description

Holden Monaro CV8Z

It was in 1998 that Holden design boss (now GM design boss) Mike Simcoe and a small team finished moonlighting on a Commodore coupe…

Model Details
  • BODY: Two-door coupe
  • ENGINE: 5.7lt (347ci) Pushrod V8
  • TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual (auto option) SUSPENSION: MacPherson strut (f) independent (r)
  • BRAKES: 320mm vented disc (f), 286mm vented discs (r)
  • POWER & TORQUE: 260kW @ 5600rpm, 500Nm @ 4000rpm

Not even their wives knew what they were working on, so it was not really surprisingly, in that bad year for President Bill Clinton, that the Holden guys dubbed their project Monica.

When the covers came off the blue coupe at that year’s Sydney International Motor Show, the assembled media immediately reckoned this car should go into production as the new Monaro.

Our example is a pristine silver.

The front seats were positioned similarly to those of the sedan but lower. There was sufficient range of steering wheel adjustment so that no changes were required for the controls. The twin rear seats were mounted 50 mm lower and 50 mm forward.

But the months slipped past and Holden made no commitment to the Commodore coupe. Then, in April 1999 Peter Hanenberger the guy who developed Holden’s Radial Tuned Suspension was named as the company’s next CEO. Hanenberger wanted to diversify the Commodore range and increase exports. He wanted an all-wheel drive wagon (Adventra), a crew cab (Crewman). It was a no-brainer for this hard-driving (in both senses) engineer to give the coupe his approval.