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Project Description

One of the best examples of a Mini Matic in Australia. Our Crystal White edition was originally bought by Laura Wallace in Northern NSW. This mini has less than 8,000 miles on the clock! Only driven on fine days, Laura only drove the car 500 yards to go and do her shopping. Between drives, the car was stored under blankets in her garage.

The Mini was Laura’s first car – She was 61!

The Mini Matic was delivered to the BMC Dealer, E.W.Collins in Grafton by way of transport on the back of a fisherman’s truck on its return from delivering a load of fish to Sydney. The car missed out on at least 350 miles of pre-delivery mileage as cars were often from Sydney to country dealers.

Her friend, Dale Collins, the Dealer who sold it to her would take it out every two weeks for a small run and top up the fuel – 40c worth!

When Laura passed away in her 80’s she left the car to Dale in her will, he then only drove it for short trips and for 25 years it was stored in his garage under blankets as well.

As Dale got older he too had to pass on the car and longtime mini enthusiast from Newcastle, John Alterator purchased the car in 2014.

John had no real, place to store the car but the National Transport¬† Museum found a place for it in Inverell. The car has only two more miles since purchase and remains original. And Laura’s umbrella remains on the back seat! We are proud to have “Minnie” in our collection!